Minor Allen, Chief of Police

Minor Allen began his career with the Hazard Police Department in July of 1985. Allen attended the DOCJT Academy in 1987 graduating with class 174. Allen has received many forms of training and is certified as a Driving Instructor through Texas A&M, Firearm Instructor, Accident Reconstructionist through IPTM in Florida, and a Rapid Deployment Instructor through the NTOA. His previous role at HPD was the departments Investigations Division Commander. He was appointed Chief of Police in January 2012.

James East, Deputy Chief

James East began his Law Enforcement career in December 2003. Graduating from the Department of Criminal Justice training in October 2004, Major East served as Class leader and received several awards while at the academy. In 2007 Major East graduated from the Academy of Police Supervision. Major East has also received certification as an accident reconstructionist. Major East has served in several roles with the Hazard Police Department including Shift supervisor, Operations Commander and Accreditation manager.

James Whitaker, Assistant Chief



The Hazard Police Department utilizes officers with specialized training in criminal forensics. Officers and Detectives have completed training in areas ranging from clandestine grave identification and recovery, explosives investigation, computer crimes, narcotics investigation, accident reconstruction, to kinesiology interview techniques for use in both field and in-house interviews. Our Agency utilizes various crime scene examination tools including laser measurement devices, high-quality photography, both manned and unmanned aircraft systems and 3-D crime scene reconstruction software to provide an extremely accurate and precise criminal investigation.


We are capable of handling all state level crimes in-house. We work with several other trusted agencies including the Kentucky State Police, Attorney Generals Office Cyber Crimes Branch, Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Secret Service, Office of the Inspector General, and other local agencies such as the Perry County Sheriff's Office.


It's our focus to treat every victim like family. This ensures that we prevent the victim from being victimized by the Police. We complete case work for every felony and most misdemeanor criminal offenses. Some agencies do not require this but we feel that you shouldn't expect any less. We identify that the instant someone becomes a victim it is usually the most important and tragic occurrence at that point in that person's life.

Dedicated to serving and protecting. Reaching beyond expectations and making life in Hazard and safer and better place to live. I want to thank all the men and women for your dedication to the community... -T. Hall


The Hazard Police Department only employs academy trained officers. When Recruit Patrolman are hired, they must attend the Department of Criminal Justice and Training Academy within his/her first year of employment. These officers are held to the highest professional standards and Code of Ethics making HPD a trusted and reliable agency.

The Backbone of HPD

Captain Zach Miller
Lieutenant Jessica Cornett
Lieutenant John Holbrook
Sergeant Doug Ashley
Sergeant Steve Everidge
Patrolman Jimmy Perkins
Patrolman Jimmerson Montgomery
Patrolman Keith Gwin
Patrolman Jake Eversole
Patrolman Daniel Gross
Patrolman Dylan Young
Patrolman Brandon Gibson
Patrolman Marcus Prater
Patrolman Parker Hignite
Patrolman Fred Neace
SRO Time Engle
Safety Officer Cody Campbell