To file a report

Please call the Hazard Police Department at (606) 436-2222 and request a Police Officer to respond to your location or, if you are currently located outside the state of Kentucky and would like to file a report (concerning an incident that occurred within the City of Hazard), you may call and request to file your report to an on-duty officer over the phone.

Obtaining copies of Vehicle Accident, Criminal, and other related Reports

Officers are required to complete all reports within 72 hours; however, all reports must be submitted to the Kentucky State Police for review. This procedure slows down the process and it typically takes up to 10 working days for a report to become available. Please remember that these reports are only available to those parties directly involved in the accident and/or crime.

Please note that you must pay the fee required before you can obtain a report; no exceptions!

Please contact the Records Clerk - Maudie Standafer at the Hazard Police Department records unit located inside the lobby for further information.

Vehicle Accident Report: $10.00 US (Attorneys/Insurance Agencies)
Vehicle Accident Report: $5.00 US (Civilian Parties Involved)
Vehicle Accident Photos: $25.00 US (Subject to Availability)
Dispatch CAD : $5.00 US
Crime Report: $10.00 US (Attorneys/Insurance Agencies)
Crime Report: $5.00 US (Civilian Parties Involved)
Copy of Case File: $25.00 US
Photos: $25.00 US
Digital Recordings on CD/DVD (Audio or Video) : $25.00 US
Reconstruction Report : $50.00 US
Collision Analysis : $100.00 US
Fingerprinting for Employment: $10.00 US
Warrants: $10.00 US
Divorce Papers: $25.00 US
Criminal Summons: $25.00 US
Civil Summons: $25.00 US
Eviction Notices: $25.00 US

For vehicle accident reports

You must provide the following in order to obtain the report: Date of accident, Location of accident, Name(s) of driver(s) / person(s) involved, Traffic accident (TA) number

For all other reports

You must provide the following in order to obtain the report: Date of offense, Location of offense, Name(s) of person(s) involved

Copies of offense reports and accident reports are available from the records unit in the lobby of the Hazard Police Department at 200 MAIN STREET, Hazard KY, 41701 Monday through Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. For more information, call (606) 436-2222.


Not every call for service will be accompanied by a report

We only compose official reports for specific crimes. Due to the overwhelming amount of fraudulent complaints we receive, we do not compose reports for thefts of cash or prescription drugs.

Civilian Accident Reports

If you have been involved in a automobile accident and have moved your vehicle away from the scene without an officer's approval, you may be given a Civilian Accident Report which can be filled out by yourself and mailed to Frankfort for an official report.

Parties entitled to a copy of a report

Only those directly involved in the investigation of a crime or the drivers/occupants/owners/operators of motor-vehicles involved in a collision are entitled to a copy of a report. All others must make an official request for the report. If the case is still under investigation, you will not receive a copy of the report until the investigation is complete.

Attorneys/Insurance Agencies

You must pay for a copy of a report, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Need to pay a parking fine?

All parking fines issued by the Hazard Police Department can be paid at the Records Unit window in the lobby between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. M-F. For more information, call (606) 436-2222. Please bring exact change if possible. You may mail your payment along with a copy of your parking ticket to: Hazard Police Department c/o Records Unit, 800 High ST, Hazard, KY, 41701.

All unpaid parking tickets/fines may be prosecuted.